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Original game created for SHARP MZ-800 computer by dB-SOFT in 1984. See Flappy on Wikipedia for history of the game.

Flappy is logical game with 200 scenes. After each 5 scenes you will receive password. The game has intro and final screen.


Flappy online

:!: JavaScript version (experimental) is now available!

(It may change during the time, so please press CTRL+F5 occasionally…)


Java version (clone) of this game is available for download (Java 1.7 required). Download binaries and/or source files from

How to start it

You need Java 1.7 installed! Java 1.7 can be downloaded from Oracle Java pages. If you are not sure which Java version is installed then type java -version on command-line.

Download file Flappy-bin-1.1.jar. Double click the jar file to execute Flappy game. Or type the following on command-line: java -jar Flappy-bin-1.1.jar

Programmer's details

Java source code still requires some refactoring – some code parts are too much “inspired” by machine code… :-)

Original assembly code is well-written and structured. It is visible that it was written in assembly language and optimized. Sometimes little bit repetitive, but only on few places.

Cheat mode

Press '9' on first screen (where music and screen mode is selected) to enable cheat mode. In game menu, browsing of game scenes may be activated via F3 key; game can be started from selected scene.

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